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General Info

Title: ${Markup(h.text_field('title', c.atom.title, size="120"))} ${c.atom.title} $logo.rel
Type: ${Markup(c.atom.atomTypeName)}
Sub-Type: ${Markup('subtype',option_tags=c.subTypes))} ${c.atom.getSubTypePrettyName()}
Abbreviation: ${Markup(h.text_field('abbreviation',c.atom.ME.abbreviation))} ${c.atom.ME.abbreviation or ""}
Publication State: ${Markup('publication_state',option_tags=c.states))} ${Markup(c.atom.state.title)}
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No data specified at present Role Name ${dataType} Remove
${Markup(h.text_field(ptype + '.' + str(i) + '.role',person.role))} $person.role ${Markup(h.text_field(ptype + '.' + str(i) + '.name',, size="80"))} $ ${Markup(h.text_field(ptype + '.' + str(i) + '.uri',person.uri))} $person.uri ${Markup(h.check_box(ptype + '.' + str(i) + '.remove'))}
${Markup(h.text_field(ptype + '.' + str(i) + '.role'))} ${Markup(h.text_field(ptype + '.' + str(i) + '.name'))} ${Markup(h.text_field(ptype + '.' + str(i) + '.uri'))}
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Associated Deployments Data - summary

Observation Stations
Data Production tools
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Associated Data Entities - summary

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Title: ${dep.title} Start Date: ${dep.startDate or 'None'}, End Date: ${dep.endDate or 'None'} $rel${link.title or link.href}
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${Markup( + str(i) + '.rel', option_tags=c.relatedLinkTerms))} ${Markup(displayType)} ${Markup(h.text_field(refLabel + str(i) + '.href', link.href))} ${Markup(h.text_field(refLabel + str(i) + '.title', link.title))} ${link.title or link.href} ${Markup(h.check_box(refLabel + str(i) + remLabel))}
${Markup( + str(i) + '.rel', option_tags=c.relatedLinkTerms))} ${Markup(h.text_field(refLabel + str(i) + '.href'))} ${Markup(h.text_field(refLabel + str(i) + '.title'))}
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No data specified at present
${Markup(h.text_field(refLabel + str(i) + '.label', param.label, class_="fullWidth"))} ${param.label} ${Markup(h.text_field(refLabel + str(i) + '.scheme', param.scheme, class_="fullWidth"))} ${param.scheme} ${Markup(h.text_field(refLabel + str(i) + '.term', param.term, class_="fullWidth"))} ${param.term} ${Markup(h.check_box(refLabel + str(i) + remLabel))}
${Markup(h.text_field(refLabel + str(i) + '.label', class_="fullWidth"))} ${Markup(h.text_field(refLabel + str(i) + '.scheme', class_="fullWidth"))} ${Markup(h.text_field(refLabel + str(i) + '.term', class_="fullWidth"))}
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Parameters - summary
${params[index + i].label or params[index + i].term or params[index + i].scheme}
Data Coverage Add/Edit
Spatial resolution
${c.atom.ME.spatialResolution or 'No spatial resoultion information available.'}
Vertical extent
${c.atom.ME.verticalExtent or 'No vertical extent information available.'}
Temporal coverage (e.g. 1975-04-28)
Start Date: ${Markup(h.text_field('t1', c.atom.t1))} ${c.atom.t1}
End Date: ${Markup(h.text_field('t2', c.atom.t2))} ${c.atom.t2}
No temporal information available.
Spatial coverage
No spatial coverage information available.
Max Y: ${Markup(h.text_field('maxY', c.atom.maxY))} Max Y: ${c.atom.maxY}
Min X: ${Markup(h.text_field('minX', c.atom.minX))} Min X: ${c.atom.minX} Max X ${Markup(h.text_field('maxX', c.atom.maxX))} Max X ${c.atom.maxX}
Min Y ${Markup(h.text_field('minY', c.atom.minY))} Min Y ${c.atom.minY}
Links and Services
Downloadable XML version of this record (Original )
(Original records are the raw material harvested from data providers)
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Dataset language
Update frequency
${c.atom.ME.updateFrequency or 'Unspecified'}