WMS UI Integration

Users may arrive at the WMS User Interface from a number of routes. Once there, they hav summary information about each viewable layer. More detailed information is available in catalogue pages. How can we provide users with a link to the catalogue?

embedding links to catalogue in wms

This approach would be clean, but creates an awkward circularity. Would need to have a system of creating catalogue url before generating csml. Our catalogue is not currently set up in this way -- but could be.

In addition, it would be good for QESDI to have a different (ie. within the qesdi portal) info page for each wms.

A endpoint knowledge service

An alternative approach is to create a service which can be queried by the UI. <eks>/endpoint=....... would return an XML document or json document specifying a link for additional info.

The eks service address would have to be specified in the UI configuration, allowing different instances to point at different catalogue pages.