Peter Norton

This is a page where I keep my notes and links to other pages in the wiki.

Current Tasks:

  • Fix the user interface so it works in IE7 and IE6
  • Create a page for doing time series data.
  • Do some more work on the WCS download page
  • Add a 'shopping basket' page to allow the selection of datasets for use on the interface (may require adding a session id)

Tickets I am working on:

Interface parameters to jump to a dataset/variable/time


Main components of the system:

Geoplot - Takes the cdms variable and produces an image or a plot

WMS - Provides the layers for openlayers to use

Interface - gives a user an easy way to navigate the data and controll the layers displayed in the OpenLayers? control


links to some pages


  • refactor geoplot so that i no longer needs 2 variables for a rotated grid, could just add the properties to the one variable. This would simplify the interface a lot.