QESDI Page Behaviour

The Catalog

There are 3 options for how the links in the catalog can be used to add WMS/WCS links to the bucket:

  1. In a 'add to basket' style, where the user clicks on a link and it is added to the basket in the background without the user leaving the page.
  2. Moving to shopping basket: when a link is clicked then the user is taken to the shopping basket page and endpoint just clicked will be added to the list. This is assuming that the shopping basket and catalog are on separate pages.
  3. Jump to the UI: The user is taken to the UI page. At some point (either on the UI page or a page that redirects to the UI) the endpoint clicked on is added to the basket so that when the user reaches the UI page it is available for selection.

The Shopping Basket

  • This page allows the viewing/re-ordering and deleting of the data in the current basket.
  • Needs links both to the catalog page and the UI page.
  • User can extend the lifetime of a temporary bucket
  • logged in users can one of their stored buckets
  • If the open UI button is clicked but there is already a UI open, then that page will be navigated to.

The UI

  • The user can select layers from the endpoints currently in their bucket (what happens when there are no endpoints?).
  • The user can remove endpoints from the bucket by clicking on the 'x' next to the endpoint.
  • The user can add additional endpoints by typing in the URL, this allows endpoints not in the catalog to be displayed (not only data layers but custom outlines + labels).
  • The UI should be able to (either by a prod from the server or after a fixed timeout) refresh the endpoints available from the current bucket.