NetCDF4 issues

Netcdf4 enables compression which can give major benefits. E.g. factor 10 volume reduction in CRU land only datasets.

compiling netcdf4

Need to include the --with-pic in both HDF5 and NETCDF4 compilations, otherwise cdat-lite will not compile

Need to include --enable-netcdf-4 flag on configure to get actual netcdf4, rather than upgraded netcdf3.

Scripts are in /home/phobos/prototype/src

compiling cdat_lite and csmlscan

Need to have enviromnent variables set to trigger loading of correct netcdf library. See /usr/local/qesdi/bin/env.src

Running csmlscan

Have not found a way to make libraries link statically: asa work around, /etc/ is created to generate links.


In order to get apache to pick up the correct version, the recompilation of cdat-lite needs to be integrated into the buildout process. A functioning system was created for qesdi by manually copying the cdat-lite egg to the appropiate directory.