Site banner and page size

The template index.php and css files define the header. We started with the rhuk_milkyway template.

This uses a collection of images to create a stretchable header with rounded corners.

Could place a logo in the header, but difficult to get an image looking OK with the corners.

Currently has stretchable image, inserted with a <img ... /> tag in index.php

Page size

The rhuk_milkyway index.php sets the page size using one of 3 styles, based on a php call to get a width class.

I have adjusted the maximum width upward in the body.width_fmax div#wrapper section of template.css

Feb 11

  • To insert links to other pages in the site: finally got this working by disabling the WYSIWYG editor which was mangling URLs. Needs to be set by administrator, and setting takes effect after user has logged out and reentered.
  • Removed "user menu" from wrapper pages: this is done in the modules -> user menu managment page.