Datasets available through the QESDI Portal

Initial Data Sets

Access to datasets will be implemented incrementally according to priorities discussed with the QESDI partners. The datasets initially targeted by QESDI are still under discussion.

The following datasets/data types were mentioned in the QESDI proposal:

Spatio-temporal observations

  • CRU TS 2.1 dataset: climatologies as available through the IPCC DDC and annual data to be added.
  •  CRU TMC (ten minute climatology)
  • synthesized, medium-resolution EO data (examples: land/ocean greenness, burned area; drawing especially on NERC EO centre output

Geographic data

Spatio-temporal scenarios

  • climate change (derived from CMIP3 and Hadley Centre)
  • population change
  • vegetation change
  • land use change

Non-geographic time series

  • CO2 concentrations at monitoring sites
  • selected flux measurements at eddy covariance sites
  • GHG and reactive gas emissions
  • yields (crops, forests), fish catches
  • river flows
  • leaf carbon isotope measurements
  • biodiversity indicators
  • socio-economic indicators (countries/regions)
  • water extraction

Non-geographic scenarios

  • GHG emissions scenarios
  • socio-economic scenarios (e.g. trade, population)

Data Locations

Data not in the core BADC archive as it's own dataset can be placed in /badc/quest/data/qesdi.


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