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Ticket Summary Status Owner Priority Milestone Severity
#8 Add the Openlayers javascript to the wms_ddc_vis code more elegantly new pnorton minor low
#10 Evaluate the speed of the different layers (coastline/grid/contours) new pnorton minor medium
#29 Merge changes to COWS controller back into COWS trunk new spascoe minor Prototype release low
#31 Remove dependencies on prototype.js new pnorton minor QESDI Data Workshop medium
#62 Change how the dataset name is attached to the layer mapper. new pnorton minor medium
#63 Reduce the label size for contour plots assigned pnorton minor low
#65 Axis Config dropdown should only appear if there is more than one item assigned pnorton minor medium
#4 MOLES record for CRU TMC dataset new major QUEST Annual Science Meeting low
#49 Financial deliverables new Martin Juckes major medium
#61 Enable GetFeatureInfo requests on the UI new pnorton major medium
#23 Download NASA 500m dataset new critical Prototype release medium
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