PREPARDE at the International Digital Curation Conference 2013 (IDCC13)

IDCC13 was an important conference for the PREPARDE team, not just because we had an oral presentation in the Data Publication session, but also because it was the venue for the first of our three project workshops.

As always, the conference was very well attended, and digital technology and social media were used to enable those who weren't there physically to at least follow along. Videos of the keynote speeches, blog posts and storifys of tweets can all be found on the conference  homepage.

The PREPARDE presentation was titled "Processes and Procedures for Data Publication: a case study in the Geosciences" and raised a lot of interest ( slides can be downloaded here) - in fact at that stage of the data publication session I noticed that it was standing room only at the back! Angus Whyte (a PREPARDE team member) has written an excellent overview and summary of the whole session that can be found  here.

Thursday 17th January was the PREPARDE workshop, titled: "Data publishing, peer review and repository accreditation: everyone a winner?" (which I've been reliably informed was the first IDCC13 workshop to be sold out). The main focus for this workshop was on the tricky issue of repository accreditation, which was addressed by presenters from a wide variety of viewpoints, including, but not limited to publishers, professional societies and data repository managers. The slides are available  here (scroll down the page to find the workshop title and agenda) and I created a storify of the tweets sent during the workshop  here.

Angus and his DCC colleague Alex Ball took loads of notes during the workshop, and a full workshop report will be coming out soon. I'd like to take the opportunity again to thank all of our excellent speakers, and the workshop attendees for their lively input into our discussions during the day!

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