Posts for the month of April 2013

Report from EGU 2013

As mentioned in our previous post, members of the PREPARDE team attended the European Geophysical Union General Assembly in Vienna, and presented the project at a splinter meeting and in an oral presentation on Friday 12th April.

The splinter meeting went well (aside from me accidentally dumping a glass of water onto my poor colleague!) We had a number of attendees who gave us lots of food for thought and feedback on our proposed guidelines for peer review of data and repository accreditation, so many thanks to them!

Both documents are still open for comment, and all comments are welcome!

The data publication  oral session itself was very interesting, with Hans Pfeiffenberger highlighting in particular some of the issues that [ESSD] have experienced in their many years of operating a data journal. We also had excellent talks from Kerstin Lehnert about disciplinary repositories and their role in data publication and David Marques about Elsevier's work in cross-linking publications with research data.

The  poster session, though thin on the ground, did provide a lot to think about too.

The PREPARDE presentations that we made from both the oral session and the splinter meeting can be found linked to this post.