Posts for the month of March 2013

PREPARDE and EGU - where we'll be

Members of the PREPARDE project team will be attending the  European Geophysical Union conference in Vienna, 7-12 April.

In particular, we'll be hosting a  splinter meeting SPM1.38 in room R3 on Fri 12th April, 12:15–13:15, where we'll be canvassing people for their opinions on our proposed guidelines for data publication.

We also have an oral presentation booked in session GI1.2: Data Assimilation and Data Publishing in Geosciences on Friday, 12 Apr 2013 in room G1 at 13:30–13:45.

 EGU2013-697 Data publication - policies and procedures from the PREPARDE project Sarah Callaghan, Fiona Murphy, Jonathan Tedds, John Kunze, Rebecca Lawrence, Matthew S. Mayernik, Angus Whyte, and Timothy Roberts

Hope to see people there!

Workshop on Cross-Linking and Workflows

The PREPARDE project is pleased to announce that registration for its workshop on cross-linking and workflows for data publication is now open at

The workshop will be held at  Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Didcot, UK on Tuesday the 30th April.

More information about the workshop is below:

Linking datasets and articles for publication – cross-linking and workflows Data is being increasingly recognised as the foundation of the scientific record. Data journals and other data publishing models (such as enhanced publications) are opening up data and other research products for further use, re-use and validation. A key part of data publication, and linking data to other scientific outputs, is a formalised and standardised method of permanently cross-linking between the dataset (as held in a repository) and the related article (as hosted in a journal).

The PREPARDE project is funded by JISC to address key issues arising from data publication, including cross-linking between repository and journal. It aims to produce guidelines applicable to a wide range of scientific disciplines and data publication models. The project initially focuses on earth science disciplines, and the Geoscience Data Journal, a partnership between the Royal Meteorological Society and Wiley-Blackwell.

Intended audience: the workshop will interest anyone involved in publishing data, either directly, via a data journal or as part of an enhanced publication

Critical issues the workshop aims to cover include:

  • How can publishers and repositories collaborate to exploit and share metadata about related scientific outputs (i.e. datasets and articles)
  • Where are the best points in the various journal and repository workflows to establish persistent links and share metadata for data publication?

Participating in the workshop will help you to:

  1. Understand benefits and risks to stakeholders in scholarly publishing likely to arise from different data publishing models.
  2. Shape PREPARDE project guidelines on:- a) workflows for data publication b) data and metadata standards for enabling cross-linking between data repositories and academic publishers.

Please do pass these details on to other interested parties, and please do contact me (sarah.callaghan@…) if you have any questions.