If you are running the code on CEMS or SCARF you can benefit from linking to all the libraries that have been installed.

You will need to have access to cloud_ecv and aerosol_ecv and nceo_generic group work spaces.

To get permission to access these work spaces go to:

CEMS The new rttov coefficient and emis files are here: /group_workspaces/cems2/nceo_generic/cloud_ecv/data_in/rttov121/coeffs /group_workspaces/cems2/nceo_generic/cloud_ecv/data_in/rttov121/emis_data

All ORAC libraries are now on NCEO_GENERIC: /group_workspaces/cems2/nceo_generic/cloud_ecv/libraries These also include updates to HDF and NETCDF (which I think might read/write the data faster now!).

For future reference, the shell script I use to install these libraries (works on CEMS and SCARF) is here: /group_workspaces/cems2/nceo_generic/cloud_ecv/libraries/store/

The /store/ directory contains the arch and lib files that are needed to run the current version of ORAC.

SCARF new rttov coefficient and emis files: /work/ralspace/rsg_group/mchristensen/rttov121/coeffs /work/ralspace/rsg_group/mchristensen/rttov121/emis_data

Libraries /work/ralspace/rsg_group/mchristensen/libraries

Feel free to point your lib/arch files to the new locations. Make sure to update your lib files with the appropriate flags for the new rttov. Again, these can be found in /group_workspaces/cems2/nceo_generic/cloud_ecv/libraries/store/lib.ifort.cems

You will need to change the struct_parser.y file to run with different version You will also need to create obj directories