Using the ORAC output files

IDL Script

The ORAC outputs are in NCDF format, for which I/O functions are included in the standard IDL release (see for more information). The repository contains IDL routines for producing evaluation plots for debugging purposes. One of these routines,, is generally useful for reading a data field of known name (the field names are given in wiki:Outputfiles) as it applies the scale factor, offset, and missing value attributes.

The following is an example of reading the cloud optical thickness from a file (the variable `filename' should be set previous to this code) and making a basic plot using routines found in the repository.

   ;; Open file
   fid = NCDF_OPEN(filename)

   ;; Read out desired data fields
   lat = NCDF_OBTAIN(fid, 'lat')
   lon = NCDF_OBTAIN(fid, 'lon')
   cot = NCDF_OBTAIN(fid, 'cot')

   ;; Close file
   NCDF_CLOSE, fid

   ;; Plot the data on a map projection
   MAPPOINTS, cot, lat, lon

Python Script