Protocol for ORAC Code Updates

This page contains the procedure on how upgrades to ORAC should be implemented.

Minor Changes

Small changes to the code e.g. bug fixes, efficiency improvement, extensions of applicability can be uploaded by developers at any time. Any changes in code should be verified on test bed scenes but it is appreciated that in some cases the coding changes may make no or negligible improvement to the output. If appropriate the developer should update the ORAC wiki after uploading the modified code.

Major Changes

The decision to accept a major change in approach of the code lies with the ORAC Development Group. The process by which a change occurs is:

  1. Using a local copy the developer codes an improvement to ORAC. An improvement is demonstrated by application to the test bed scenes.
  1. The developer sends a brief description of the change to devorac@… along with the results obtained from the test bed scenes.
  1. The code is accepted, or changes are requested.
  1. Once the code is accepted the developer
    • uploads the new code,
    • modifies the ORAC wiki to reflect the code changes,
    • replaces the existing test bed results with new values,
    • emails oracul@… to inform users a new version of the code exists.