ORAC People

The ORAC project is supervised by the ORAC Developers Group led by Dr R.G. Grainger of the University of Oxford. The role of this group is to maintain an overview of ORAC and guide its development. If you wish to contribute code and would like to be a member of this group then email or You will leave this list if you unsubscribe from devorac or your activity related to the project lapses.

ORAC Development Group

  • Prof. R.G. Grainger (OU)
  • Dr E. Carboni (OU)
  • Dr O. Sus (DWD)
  • Dr S. Stapelberg (DWD)
  • Dr M. Christensen (OU)
  • Dr C. Poulsen (STFC/RAL Space)
  • Dr R. Hollman (DWD- as a representative of the ESA Cloud CCI members not already listed)
  • Dr R. Siddans (STFC/RAL Space)
  • Dr G.E. Thomas (STFC/RAL Space)
  • Dr A.C. Povey (OU)
  • Dr G.R. McGarragh (OU)
  • Dr S. Proud (OU)


Past Developers

Previous significant contributors to ORAC include (Now at)

  • Dr M. Jerg (DWD)
  • Mr W. Jones (OU)
  • Mr C. Arnold
  • Dr E. Campmany
  • Dr S.M. Dean (NIWA)
  • Dr G.B.L. Ewen
  • Ms H. Huang
  • Dr B.N. Lawrence (STFC)
  • Dr S.H. Marsh
  • Dr A.M. Sayer (NASA)
  • Dr A. Smith (STFC)
  • Mr P. Watts (EUMETSAT)