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It is simply not practical to put all these LUTs in the repository. It is just too much data.

The LUTs without the "imager" tag are monochromatic where the optical properties are taken at the center of the channel. These use Bryan's "spectral" properties provided as a function wavelength at a resolution safe for linear interpolation to the exact wavelength of interest. The imager LUTs are where Bryan convolves the "spectral" properties to the instrument channel response functions. These properties are provided as a function of instrument channel. Since the properties are from 2014 for some instruments (SLSTR) there are no imager properties so we must use the monochromatic LUTs.

For MODIS there is little difference in the results between using the monochromatic LUTs and the imager LUTs

There is one tar.gz file per instrument/phase combo which extracts into a directory specific to that instrument/phase. The reason why they can't be all put into the same directory as they where before is that the current naming system that the retrieval code uses does not allow differences like between Baran ICE and Baum ICE, with Rayleigh scattering or without, or monochromatic or "imager" as in the case with Baum.

I tried to make the .tar.gz files names clear. They also contain the SVN version number for the LUT code used and the creation date. Along with the LUTs, the files also include all the input files used to run the LUT code so, in theory, by checking out the LUT version used there is enough information for somebody to completely duplicate the LUTs on their own which is intended for people interested in making changes.