There are a number of different ways to create L3 files and a number of different L3 products.

L2toL3 code creates Final ESA Cloud_cci Products L2b_sum (parallel sum up) -

L3a_slow L3C

l3a (needs prior l2b_sum) L3C

l3b (needs prior l2b_sum) L3S (Sensor Family)

l3c (needs prior l2b_sum) L3S (ALL)

l3d L3C from L3U | NB this does not currently work!!!

  • L3a_slow makes both and the final result is a monthly average (ESA: L3C).
  • L2b_sum only make the 1st part (sum up) then creates temporary files with the sums for each day.
  • L3a (needs l2b_sum before) sums up all the temporary files created by l2b_sum and then in a second step divides by the npoints to create the final L3C (ESA naming convention) product.

Information from Stefan Stapleberg June 2015