15:13 Ticket #112 (Create MODIS Aerosol LUTS) closed by capoulse
14:28 Ticket #116 (create biomass aerosol LUTS for Dan Fisher) closed by capoulse
14:27 WikiStart edited by capoulse
14:27 WikiStart edited by capoulse
14:25 WikiStart edited by capoulse
14:25 runCEMS edited by capoulse
13:42 Changeset [4628] by capoulse
bug fix ML cloud added ctp variable
13:13 Changeset [4627] by gmcgarragh
13:05 runCEMS edited by capoulse
09:07 Ticket #51 (Look at revising cutoff ranges of retrieved variables) closed by capoulse
09:06 Ticket #121 (fix time in netcdf files) closed by capoulse
05:25 Changeset [4626] by gmcgarragh


13:19 Changeset [4625] by srproud
Traditional removal of debug statement.
10:03 Changeset [4624] by srproud
More updates to Himawari processing. Code is more efficient now and …


09:29 Changeset [4623] by srproud
Remove debugging statement accidentally included in previous commit.
09:14 Changeset [4622] by srproud
Update to read_himawari, correctly send the verbose option


16:00 WikiStart edited by capoulse
15:59 WikiStart edited by capoulse
15:58 HowModis edited by capoulse
15:58 HowModis created by capoulse
15:58 Changeset [4621] by srproud
Close a few minor memory leaks when reading GFS data
15:45 WikiStart edited by capoulse
13:59 Changeset [4620] by srproud
Allow choice between parallel and single-thread RTTOV. Use …


15:22 Changeset [4619] by srproud
Forgot this file in my previous commit.
11:28 Changeset [4618] by srproud
Allow reading NOAA GFS analysis data, set ecmwf_flag to 6 for this. …


13:32 Changeset [4617] by srproud
A couple of updates to speed up processing. GFS GRB reader no longer loads …
11:46 Changeset [4616] by srproud
Correctly nullify bad data in all MODIS bands, previously some had a value …


12:05 Changeset [4615] by mchristensen
added solar spectral irradiance LUT's, change includes scale factors for …
12:03 Changeset [4614] by mchristensen
Added scale factor for PAR based on solar spectral observations from …


11:05 Changeset [4613] by srproud
Updates to RTTOV and Pavolonis to correct bug introduced in r4542 that …
11:02 Changeset [4612] by srproud
Fix makefile, previous commit did not work on all platforms.


15:50 Changeset [4611] by srproud
Add an option to compute theoretical tropopause cloud emissivity from GFS …


12:36 Changeset [4610] by srproud
New computation of pressure levels for GFS atmosphere files. This improves …
12:35 Changeset [4609] by srproud
Some code tidying, better method of computing snow fraction for RTTOV and …
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