One of the aims of the OJIMS project is to create an open access subject based repository for Meteorology and atmospheric sciences.


  • functional
    • web based interfaces
    • Simple text search
    • browse-able
    • presentation of metadata
    • presentation of digital objects
    • hold any type of object
    • DC metadata
    • extendable metadata
    • intuitive ingest interface
    • Moderator/reviewer processes
  • Maintenance
    • If implementing software at BADC
      • Open source with existing and active community
    • If using software services or existing repository
      • Clear and standard interfaces
      • Guaranteed existence of service for 3 years
  • Performance
    • Should be scalable to 100000 items
    • speed be search-able and browse-able with waits of less than 2 seconds


Approaches considered

Use an existing repository


NORA is the NERC instatutional repository. It contains NERC funded journal articales funded produced by NERC employees. This is to restricted scope for a the MetRep, but they wish to expand their scope to NCAS researchers, i.e. not just NERC employees. This is still not a broad enough scope for the MetRep as it needs to include non-journal articles and non-NERC funded research outputs.


Use a repository service

Use existing repository software

There are a number of competing software products in the repository community.

Write repository software

There is not enough resource in this project to do this. Considerable effort has been put into existing repository software and this should be utilised in preference to writing our own.

Overlay repository