Overlay Journal Infrastructure for Meteorological Sciences (OJIMS)

A project funded under the JISC Capital Programme call for Projects: Strand D: “Repository Start-up and Enhancement Projects” (4/06) and NERC

The project has three fundamental aims:

  • Creation of overlay journal mechanics
  • Creation of an open access subject based repository for Meteorology and atmospheric sciences.
  • Construction and evaluate business models for potential overlay journals.

Project Partners

Photo of Project Partners

Demos and deliverables

OJS Journal Demo for data journal

CEDA operational document repository notes on running CEDA docs repository.

Documents and reports

The following project documents are available on this site:

  • Business Model report
  • Survey of Scientists
  • Survey of Organisations
  • OJIMS final report (coming soon!)

Please see the attached documents for the links to download these reports.

For information about other documents please contact Fiona Hewer 07906 346624 [fiona@…].

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