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Working Grid Meeting notes: 02 August 2006

Present: Sue, Dom, Helen, Fabio, Siva, Roy, Kev, Mike.


List of actions

  • Mike to ticket Dom re: CSML read methods and access to CSML doc variables (done, #582)

Notes from meeting

Actions from last meeting


Status updates

(general information skipped)

  • BODC: myproxy successfully running on a separate machine
  • BADC: glue firewalled now (no particular ill effects), superglue will be
  • Nudges to all to update DP pages if needed

Brief ticket review

  • Nothing especially stood out - just need to implement lots of stuff

Discussion points

  • MOLES 1.3 availability (all done but xlink)
    • stop using go-essp namespace
  • CSML 2 availability (Andrew working on it)
  • Query on CSML read methods and accessing data in CSML document (Mike to ticket)
  • Issue of 1000s of PML MOLES records - Sue said to try it and see if it kills anything or is unusable.

Issues/possible problems

  • Any planned DP internal upgrades that might adversely affect NDG
    • PML having internet link issues
  • Other issues


  • Set date for next meeting
    • Tacked on to the end of the metadata meeting 12/Dec.