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    2929 * Examples to be provided for security in MOLES/CSML records 
     31== Status of discovery portal == 
     32 * Currently automatically harvesting BODC and PML 
     33   * PML changed to a new webserver, need to check it's working (''it wasn't, is now'') 
     34   * NOCS are exporting OAI on some static records, going to add to discovery 
     35 * No deletion progress, partly due to BADC eXist getting hacked 
     36   * reinstalled old eXist version (new has changed webservices which may kill discovery portal, therefore will upgrade post-alpha) 
     37 * Sue reported various successful harvests from other groups (collaboration), but isn't importing into discovery yet due to issues with the numbers of files 
     39No browse update (Bryan away). 
     41== Status of security integration ==  
     42PML have a more working security installation following some help from Phil (ticket:212) - session manager working and tested.  Now need to do the role mapping module. 
     44NOCS have begun tying into local authorisation - can allow a local user to access data with NDG security. 
     46Reviewed [wiki:T10_WorkingGrid Grid-V03.5] objective ("Demonstrate a successful role mapping (get an attribute certificate)") 
     47 * BODC is ready to go on this and Phil has confirmed it works internally in BADC, but we're still blocked by ticket:41 (Cross Domain Cookies) 
     49== Discussion points == 
     50=== Post-alpha forward planning === 
     51Noted that the TID stops shortly after alpha.  WG team suggests meeting after alpha to review progress and define likely tasks.  Mike to look over other TIDs and try and tie them into the WG plan, show to the WG team, then hand to the project board for review. 
     53=== Defining alpha === 
     54Will we meet objective [wiki:T10_WorkingGrid Grid-V03.2]? ("sites providing A and B data, listed and working on portal"). 
     55 * WG team defined this objective as: 
     56 1. some sites (probably BODC) providing linked MOLES and CSML 
     57 1. discovery portal harvesting DIFs and allowing browse through to MOLES 
     58 1. MOLES browse allowing "data access" (ie. returning CSML fragments, not live data) 
     59 1. Above done with security if possible 
     60 * The objective is a demo, not a release 
     62=== Role of WG team in integration === 
     63Should WG team steer this (but not actually do with the integration)? 
     64 * The team felt someone needs to take on integration role to move things along 
     65 * Project board to discuss 
     67= Issues = 
     68 * Collect schedule of planned DP upgrades (ticket:242) 
     69   * NOCS to move server in ~2 months 
     70   * BODC to move off livglue in a few months 
     72 * Issue with having CSML with matching MOLES for purposes of a discovery->CSML demo. 
     73   * BODC can provide this 
     74   * Sue, Dom, Bryan, Siva to get together to work out a demo 
     76 * Defining scope of data ingestion (ticket:127) 
     77   * DS meeting tomorrow to update (''see [wiki:DataServices meeting notes]'') 
     78   * Some discussion on the plugin i/o layer for reading DP data format 
     80 * Do we need to wait for MOLES 1.2.5? (esp. re: datagranules) 
     81  * 1.2.5 seems to be just NumSim currently, should have granules? 
     82  * Probably no mandatory changes, so not a blocker for alpha? 
     84= Date for next meeting = 
     85Proposed 30th June or 29th, checking with Bryan. 
    3187= Actions =  
    32  * PML to ensure they have matching MOLES records for their sample CSML. 
    3388 * DPs to update metadata population tickets with progress. 
     89 * (Fabio, Siva) Raise task tickets for DP upgrades for planning/communication purposes. 
    3490 * Sue to test GCMD namespace (ticket:227) 
    3591 * Sue checking with Kev about ticket:281 (Stub-B XSL update) 
     92 * Sue to ask Kev about granules in MOLES 1.2.5 (including raising tickets if needed) 
     93 * Sue to add NOCS OAI harvesting 
     94 * Sue, Dom, Bryan, Siva to get together to work out a demo of discovery->MOLES->CSML, which is 
    3695 * Dom adding a ticket regarding CSML updates and examples including security (done, ticket:319) 
     96 * Mike to ensure PML have matching MOLES records for their sample CSML 
     97 * Mike to check with Phil on ticket:41 
     98 * Mike to confirm date for next meeting 
     99 * Mike to add check for DP upgrades to regular WG agenda 
     100 * Mike to ticketise the TID where it makes sense to do so 
     101 * Mike to raise discussion ticket for project board re: WG team and integration 
     102 * Mike to raise ticket on Dom re: PML data formats and CSML I/O