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     1= Meeting notes: 06 May 2006 = 
     3Present: Sue, Dom, Fabio, Siva, Mike, Peter. 
     5= Agenda items = 
     6== MOLES & CSML == 
     7=== Status of MOLES and CSML population === 
     9 * MOLES: still waiting on internal catalogue population 
     10 * CSML: 1/3 of COAPEC done (ticket:48), will probably do sample sets for ERA40 (ticket:49) and ACSOE (ticket:50).  Dome noted data quality issues. 
     13 * Helen is doing the population and wasn't present to report.  Fabio believes it's still to be done.  NOCS is also still waiting on OCCAM data from BODC. 
     16 * Siva nearly done on alpha CSML tickets (ticket:51 & ticket:52). 
     17 * CSML manually generated, just needs to create Stub_B's and DIFs. 
     18 * Some delays with eXist due to changing guest pw and effects of this on the XQueries. 
     21 * Produced level3 sample CSML for AVHRR, will do the other sensors shortly (ticket:53) 
     22 * Will make sure we have matching MOLES for this CSML by Alpha. 
     24=== Other metadata issues === 
     25 * Sue checking if the new GCMD namespace is suitable to recomment for use by DPs (and later provide guidelines), ticket:227 
     26 * MOLES->DIF transformation (ticket:281) 
     27    * Siva currently using a jar Kev gave him that converts directly from MOLES to DIF 
     28    * Sue to check with Kev and Roy about whether we can produce Stub-Bs, and whether we still need to (XSL update) 
     29 * Examples to be provided for security in MOLES/CSML records 
     31= Actions =  
     32 * PML to ensure they have matching MOLES records for their sample CSML. 
     33 * DPs to update metadata population tickets with progress. 
     34 * Sue to test GCMD namespace (ticket:227) 
     35 * Sue checking with Kev about ticket:281 (Stub-B XSL update) 
     36 * Dom adding a ticket regarding CSML updates and examples including security (done, ticket:319)