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Working Grid Meeting notes: 06 May 2006

Present: Sue, Phil, Bryan, Helen, Fabio, Siva, Mike.


List of actions

  • Mike to send info on 2.4 kernel + OAI instability issues (done,
  • Mike still needs to write authentication plugin (#201)
  • Phil+Mike will probably upgrade PML security install to alpha codebase
  • Phil to arrange technical security meeting re: login (done)
  • Sue to raise ticket on investigating OAI deletion (done, #391)
  • Bryan to send email asking people to write how-to's on what they know, and other details on the format of and information needed for the All-Hands meeting.
  • Mike to raise ticket for DP internal upgrade (re: RSDAS/Dundee merge affecting authentication) (done, #390)
  • Mike to create a template wiki page that describes a DP's setup.

Next meeting: following on from the end of the metadata team meeting, which is 2nd August, 1400-1600 (extend this to 1700).

Notes from meeting

Actions from last meeting

(items marked as done on the agenda weren't discussed)

  • Sue to test GCMD namespace (#227)
    • Bryan's browser has been using MOLES with this namespace without problems
    • BODC used this namespace too, so OAI is probably ok - close ticket?
  • Sue to ask Kev about granules in MOLES 1.2.5 (including raising tickets if needed)
    • done, various tickets raised
  • Sue to add NOCS OAI harvesting
    • done, but on the last attempt, NOCS' OAI provider didn't respond - NOCS will check
    • Mike to send info on 2.4 kernel + OAI instability issues

Status updates

  • Tagging alpha "release" (in progress, #201)
    • Security and CSML tagged, delivery and DX/GS aiming to tag by All Hands.
  • MOLES + CSML status (brief - any changes since metadata meeting?)
    • Helen has been working on this - had a productive meeting with Kev and will hopefully get some additional documentation on what particular elements mean from it (possibly just in the schema)
  • PML security (#212)
    • Mike still needs to write authentication plugin, Phil+Mike will probably upgrade PML security install to alpha codebase
  • Did we hit the alpha target?
    • Bryan described Go-ESSP demo as very successful (despite no internet access). Will demo at All Hands meeting.
  • Brief ticket review
    • changes made to tickets #314, #142, others left for PB/AH meeting or later.


  • Post-Alpha forward planning (review last half of wiki:T10_WorkingGrid)
    • Leaving for Project Board/All?-Hands to plan - will make modifications as appropriate
    • Bryan commented that the Pre-Alpha milestone was too close to Alpha for any significant fixes to be made. For beta, we should aim to have the working version by Pre-Beta.
  • wiki:T11_ClientPackage - this looks like a final item (beta+) and no tickets raised (directly) on it - if it's the "release" build and thus affects WG/DP, it might need more planning/integration?
    • (clarification for Mike) This package is not the Data Provider package - it's the basic documentation and APIs needed to use NDG programmatically.

Non-agenda discussions

Noting these as they were probably more useful than the agenda ones ;)

  • Security
    • Phil wanted to work on getting DPs to have a working login system, arranging technical meeting (Mon, 3 July 2006 11:00-12:30) to discuss implementation (cf. #383)
    • Suggestion that we need a (better?) "how to be NDG-secure" document, as this seems to be an area of significant interest to outside parties.
  • OAI
    • There are some issues with deletion of records working correctly - the only way Siva could do it was to clean and rebuild the index manually. Sue to raise ticket for investigation.
  • MOLES/CSML (+ISO?) link ups
    • Some discussion on the best way to generate MOLES and CSML to ensure that the data (particularly granules) link up correctly. Bryan suggested that MOLES should be generated from CSML (ticketed somewhere already). Helen suggested we made a best practice guide.
    • Markup in MOLES is currently impossible - Bryan would like xlink integrated into the schema and possibly an indication of whether a link should be embedded or external (for display in browse)
  • Documentation
    • Bryan suggested that it would be useful for the AH meeting if people write mini how-to's describing what they know and how to get to where they are. In addition to these showing what we don't know enough about, these may help form the basis of some more formal how-to documentation. The suggested place to put these would be on a wiki page under the WG package. Bryan to send email asking people to do this.
    • All the DPs have different setups and versions of software running - Bryan and Phil (and others) felt it might help to have this information available for reference. Mike to create a template page that describes as much of this as practical, but definitely including machine information (names, hardware), what NDG software is being run, what other software is running on that machine and firewalling. It should also have room for notes like "two versions of python running on this machine since Ag and Phil need different versions of zsi".

Issues/possible problems

  • Any planned DP internal upgrades that might adversely affect NDG?
    • NOCS noted that their server upgrade is due soon (#326)
    • RSDAS (PML) due to partially merge websites with Dundee satellite receiving station in the next few months - possible knock on effects due to changes to authentication (Mike to investigate and raise ticket if it may cause problems - raised #390).
    • BODC planning to upgrade Tomcat (from 5.0 to 5.5), which may affect OAI (and eXist?)
      • PML running dlese OAI on Tomcat 5.5 successfully already
      • BADC running Tomcat 4.x and may upgrade at some point too?


  • Set date for next meeting
    • To reduce meeting overlap, the next WG meeting will follow on from the end of the metadata team meeting, which is 2nd August, 1400-1600 (extend this to 1700).