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Working Grid Meeting notes: 06 May 2006

Present: Sue, Phil, Bryan, Helen, Fabio, Siva, Mike.

Agenda items


Actions from last meeting

(items marked as done on the agenda weren't discussed)

  • Sue to test GCMD namespace (#227)
    • Bryan's browser has been using MOLES with this namespace without problems
    • BODC used this namespace too, so OAI is probably ok - close ticket?
  • Sue to ask Kev about granules in MOLES 1.2.5 (including raising tickets if needed)
    • done, various tickets raised
  • Sue to add NOCS OAI harvesting
    • done, but on the last attempt, NOCS' OAI provider didn't respond - NOCS will check
    • Mike to send info on 2.4 kernel + OAI instability issues

Status updates

  • Tagging alpha "release" (in progress, #201)
    • Security and CSML tagged, delivery and DX/GS aiming to tag by All Hands.
  • MOLES + CSML status (brief - any changes since metadata meeting?)
    • Helen has been working on this - had a productive meeting with Kev and will hopefully get some additional documentation on what particular elements mean from it (possibly just in the schema)
  • PML security (#212)
    • Mike still needs to write authentication plugin, Phil+Mike will probably upgrade PML security install to alpha codebase
  • Did we hit the alpha target?
    • Bryan described Go-ESSP demo as very successful (despite no internet access). Will demo at All Hands meeting.
  • Brief ticket review
    • changes made to tickets #314, #142, others left for PB/AH meeting or later.


  • Post-Alpha forward planning (review last half of wiki:T10_WorkingGrid)
    • Leaving for PB/AH to plan - will make modifications as appropriate
  • wiki:T11_ClientPackage - this looks like a final item (beta+) and no tickets raised (directly) on it - if it's the "release" build and thus affects WG/DP, it might need more planning/integration?
    • (clarification for Mike) This package is not the Data Provider package - it's the basic documentation and APIs needed to use NDG programmatically.
  • Security
    • Phil wanted to work on getting DPs to have a working login system, arranging technical meeting (Mon, 3 July 2006 11:00-12:30) to discuss implementation (cf. #383)

Issues/possible problems

  • Any issues or comments we should raise for the project board/all hands?
  • Any planned DP internal upgrades that might adversely affect NDG?
    • NOCS noted that their server upgrade is due soon (#326)
    • RSDAS (PML) due to partially merge websites with Dundee satellite receiving station in the next few months - possible knock on effects due to changes to authentication (Mike to investigate and raise ticket if it's likely to cause problems).
    • BODC planning to upgrade Tomcat (from 5.0 to 5.5), which may affect OAI (and eXist?)
      • PML running dlese OAI on Tomcat 5.5 successfully already
      • BADC running Tomcat 4.x and may upgrade at some point too?


  • Set date for next meeting
    • Tack on to the end of the metadata team meeting (2nd August)?
    • Or a separate meeting (suggest trying to stagger meetings, so maybe w/c 14th August)?

Date for next meeting

Tagged onto the end of the metadata team meeting, which is 2nd August 1400-1600, so the WG part will (hopefully) be 1600-1700.