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    5050 * Documentation 
    5151   * Bryan suggested that it would be useful for the AH meeting if people write mini how-to's describing what they know and how to get to where they are.  In addition to these showing what we don't know enough about, these may help form the basis of some more formal how-to documentation.  The suggested place to put these would be on a wiki page under the WG package.  Bryan to send email asking people to do this. 
     52   * All the DPs have different setups and versions of software running - Bryan and Phil (and others) felt it might help to have this information available for reference.  Mike to create a template page that describes as much of this as practical, but definitely including machine information (names, hardware), what NDG software is being run, what other software is running on that machine and firewalling.  It should also have room for notes like "two versions of python running on this machine since Ag and Phil need different versions of zsi". 
    5354== Issues/possible problems == 
    6667= List of actions =  
     68 * Mike to send info on 2.4 kernel + OAI instability issues (''done,'') 
     69 * Mike still needs to write authentication plugin (#201) 
     70 * Phil+Mike will probably upgrade PML security install to alpha codebase 
     71 * Phil to arrange technical security meeting re: login (''done'') 
     72 * Sue to raise ticket on investigating OAI deletion 
     73 * Bryan to send email asking people to write how-to's on what they know, and other details on the format of and information needed for the All-Hands meeting. 
     74 * Mike to raise ticket for DP internal upgrade (re: RSDAS/Dundee merge affecting authentication) (''done, #390'') 
     75 * Mike to create a template wiki page that describes a DP's setup.