WorkingGrid 18Apr07

  1. DX GUI #647
    • Need CSML examples, v2 nearly ready. Dom can help.
  2. Eggs and software control
    • Bryan wants weekly updates of each egg
  3. Update on status of security package:
    1. Egg status
    2. DEWS
      • delivery of large datasets
      • Java clients and use of proxy certificates
    3. MyProxy as a  Certificate Authority
    4. NDG readiness: Session Manager, Simple CA, Logging and Login services (PHP)
    5. AHM Paper
    • Best description of NDG Security so far.
  4. (mggr->dom)  CSML raw extract proposal
    • General agreement. Dump bit_depth, just use !UnsignedInt_16, !UnsignedInt_8. Fixed aspect something. MathML nasty.
  5. FastCGI /modpython installations
    • Mike will install FastCGI this week. Then install local Browse.
  6. Status, clarification for ServiceBinding
  7. AOB
    • Sue will harvest PML DIFs again this afternoon...