NDG Working Grid AG meeting, 04 April 2007

(Peter & Mike by phone)


  • Sue hasn't dared to put PML data back in yet, as Glue crashed last time she tried to harvest our records. After Easter hols?
  • BODC may include mapserver interface to discovery.
  • Peter to use his IE7 to test Dom's discovery extension.


  • Mike to install browse (FastCGI etc.) soon after Easter. Now that ARSF has calmed down.


  • PML waiting on Phil to provide a new bug-fixed version, but he's been working on DEWS. Sue to get Phil to contact us & bodc to get this moving.


  • Dom/Steve? want examples of our records. Our automation is pretty close, just waiting on Data Granules, CSML v2, security, etc. to polish off. CSML v2 manual is out, Andrew will e-mail again. PML read method is pretty close too. E-mail Dom with queries, otherwise get samples to him soon, and Steve for visualisation.


  • Steve wants good top-down direction for rapid app dev for replacement for GeoSPAT -> #647. Not sure where Fabio is up to with mock-up/prototype?

Next meetings

  • All hands in May/June? NOCS is tricky. So more smaller meetings, e.g. with data centres.
  • No AG meeting next week, next one 18 Apr.