NDG2 Project Board meeting via VC to RAL and BODC

18 June 2007

PML Actions

  • E-mail around NEODAAS banner to NDG list + Kay and Richard at BODC.
  • Bryan ready for PML DataGranules as soon as we get them into our MOLES, e.g. 2 weeks?
  • Need granule names in CSML - minor change.


  • All OK.


  • Fabio - leaving 31 July, handing over and documenting.

Highlight report

  • Some issues on Discovery look and feel, rotating banner for various environmental images.
  • Browse progressing - PML and NOCS. Firewall issues.
  • Bryan using AJAX e.g. for calling vocab server.
  • CSML2 good progress, parser, NetCDF, PML Images, QXF.
  • Steve's Vis via OGC but found CSML bugs.
  • BODC MOLES has been made available.
  • CSML populated everywhere except NOCS.
  • Everything due for completion! Discovery will just be a bit prettier than Glue version. Icons, banner, colour scheme. Need shopping cart and cookies, with same framework as Steve.
  • Thursday showing Discovery etc. to ISG.
  • Security - hopefully simple installation, then role mapping and back-end integration at each DP. So nothing stopping roll out to all DP...?
  • NOCS need to generate DIF from MOLES rather than independently from DB.
  • National all-hands e-Science meeting in early Sep., Phil/Bryan? giving NDG Security paper. Also Steven going.
  • Oct. NERC Data Centres conference, so everything must be working then, Leamington Spa. Bryan/Roy? giving keynote talks.
  • Bryan giving talk at Royal Society (+ paper in Phil. Trans.) in Feb 2008, so that should be the everything working time.
  • Agt


  • Discovery/browse performance - times out. Will have to leave as is, eXist problems so could use another: Torino? SleepyCat? Or improve schema.

Project planning


  • PML contract ends 31 Oct. (NOCS ends 30 Sep.), Bryan will be asking for no-cost extension until 31 Dec. 2007, for all partners.


  • ENDGAIM not funded under EO Mission Support. Problems related to lack of deployment/usage of NDG2, e.g. website still showing 'new' icon on NDG1 Alpha.
  • Security stuff - Phil got funding from OMIC for 14 months, repackaging from Twisted to Whiskey(?) plus more stuff.
  • Interim proposal for 5 FTE to continue development/deployment of NDG2 technology. E-Science mtg discussions. But no interim money for BADC (as DP), BODC, PML, NOCS, etc. Possibly BAS and BGS next instead. Clear water between NDG and BADC.
  • ISG/SISB paper ask for interim funding, long term goals inc. NDG.
  • Ned E-Science - 'medium-sized initiative', possibly CSML and Vocab.
  • NERC KT proposal round - Andrew Woolf - CSML + Met Office, NCOF? Operational met forecasting, etc.
  • Helen - front-end dev, e.g. including ESSC Godiva to design interface, maybe with security attached.
  • Bryan - NDG 'company' with licencing from Data Providers?

Final phase timetable

  • End Aug: Finish technical stuff.
  • End Sep: Finish documentation.

Deliverables, product defn

  • Single python stack - easyInstall ndg (if you have fastCGI already). easyInstall csml.
  • Plus all the docs, etc. In a ticket already.


  • Deadline end Sep..? Kev do MOLES.
  • Format - any, e.g. Word doc, Openoffice. Will eventually go out as PDF. Stick with old NDG template. But probably replace with the new discovery logo.

NERC Liason event

  • See above, Oct in Leamington Spa.

Risks review


  • Bryan - recent DMAG meeting on metadata requirements, improving discovery content for NDG Discovery. Try to pull other parties to NDG line and standards.
  • Final project board + all hands (+party!) in November. Abingdon by the river, Cosyness house?