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    6565 * Andrew's proposal for differencing capability using WFS to get CSML then DataService to get the relevent netCDFs. There must be missing parts of the interface that will need significant development.  
     67 * DX GUI: What does it look like? NOT the GeoSPLAT GUI and visualisation part which is OK, but the GUI which allows the user to decide which CSML features they want to visualise/combine, calls the back-end data services and generates an ouput netCDF (which is passed to GeoSPLAT or WxS). I must keep in mind the boundaries between these different services. Sue to convene GUI design team (me, Helen, Fabio to write gui?) which will explore radical designs based on CSML features (probably using WFS services).  
     69 * NDG Identifiers (Bryan): read wiki:Identifiers. Use double underscore, change our DIF to his recommended format. DX will take at most identifiers for two CSML feature types.  
    6872== Peter's proposal for search grouping == 
    7074 * Carrot2: 
    72 Hi Matthew, 
    74 I'm actually in a meeting right now, but briefly, I got through half of your paper on the train yesterday, and the rest on the way back tonight; sorry not to have done this sooner. I am very pleased to see that you have achieved real correlations with the frontal locations and that this forms a significant part of the story. I would certainly appreciate the opportunity to contribute as a co-author on this. The front maps I provided are not as yet a 'standard' NEODAAS (new name for RSDAS service) product or available elsewhere, and relies on my development of these techniques. So I view the front maps as a research contribution to your paper beyond the supply of SST data from NEODAAS; I believe I explained this at the start of your project. 
    76 I can also assist with improving the description of the front map methodology, and proof-reading the manuscript as there are several areas that are unclear or confusing: I'll do these as 'track changes' on the Word doc. There may be a repeating problem with your description of gradients in K units, whereas it should be K km-1; or maybe you are referring to the temperature difference across the whole front rather than a gradient. As the front mapping is a fairly novel technique I'd recommend showing a figure of one (or a few) 3-day map prior to the smoothed version; this is so the reader appreciates the characteristics of your data. I'll let you know if I've got further suggestions tomorrow. 
    78 Let me know whether this is all OK with you. 
    79 Best regards, 
    80 Peter