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Peter's notes on NDG2 All-Hands Meeting at NOCS, 04 Jun. 2007

PML Actions

  • Determine precise staffing situation before Board Mtg, how much of Mike/Mark/Me? we have left, to do what, by when, and PML case for extension.
  • We need to get Browse access to our Exist DB working.

Financial and staffing

  • NOCS - Helen to ask NERC if she can now allocate some of her time to NDG.
  • BADC - ok.
  • PML - couple of weeks of Mike (now ARSF is settling down) plus a month of Mark?
  • Assume finish 1 Sep., though likelihood of 3 month extension to 'mop up' remaining funds/staffing.

Discovery and browse

  • Went through current GUI's, issues, B metadata connection problems e.g. firewall.

Vocabulary services


  • PML work (Mark) on CSML plugin for Raw image data is working and is first example of a new format being plugged into CSML.
  • Showed working demo of converting model output NetCDF file into a CSML record XML using a scanner, then a small Python program to parse the CSML doc to extract entire gridseries and subsets in space/time, profile-series. The output is a further CSML file to describe the subsets, together with the output NetCDF files, viewed for now using 'ncview'.
  • Then repeated using a gridseries of PML Aqua PNG scenes for zx, May 2007. Showed example of extracting one grid, and one subscene of grid. Ncview applied own colour palette and overlaid coastline.
  • The output CSML is not used at present as all metadata is in output NetCDF, but the CSML could