Peter's notes on NDG2 All-Hands Meeting at NOCS, 04 Jun. 2007

PML Actions

  • Determine precise staffing situation before Board Mtg, how much of Mike/Mark/Me? we have left, to do what, by when, and PML case for extension.
  • We need to get Browse access to our Exist DB working.
  • We need DataGranules? to be properly included in our MOLES, so that Bryan's Browse can collect them in Shopping Cart to pass through to Visualise.
  • We need to reduce number of discoverable records to be more useful in Discovery, and avoid flooding results.
  • Also records for our L3 composite datasets?
  • Possibly use multiple bounding boxes (and multiple time ranges) to represent our multi-region datasets.
  • Get next version of security installed (Phil) by end July - also link EO data access to role tables!

Financial and staffing

  • NOCS - Helen to ask NERC if she can now allocate some of her time to NDG.
  • BADC - ok.
  • PML - couple of weeks of Mike (now ARSF is settling down) plus a month of Mark?
  • Assume finish 1 Sep., though likelihood of 3 month extension to 'mop up' remaining funds/staffing.

Discovery and browse

  • Went through current GUI's, issues, B metadata connection problems e.g. firewall.
  • Mike got the Browse GUI working at PML before lunch, showing the MOLES related entities etc. from the eXist DB.

Vocabulary services


  • PML work (Mark) on CSML plugin for Raw image data is working and is first example of a new format being plugged into CSML.
  • Showed working demo of converting model output NetCDF file into a CSML record XML using a scanner, then a small Python program to parse the CSML doc to extract entire gridseries and subsets in space/time, profile-series. The output is a further CSML file to describe the subsets, together with the output NetCDF files, viewed for now using 'ncview'.
  • Then repeated using a gridseries of PML Aqua PNG scenes for zx, May 2007. Showed example of extracting one grid, and one subscene of grid. Ncview applied own colour palette and overlaid coastline.
  • The output CSML is not used at present as all metadata is in output NetCDF, but the CSML could


  • Steve explained the OGC Web Services (OWS) system developed at BADC for viewing CSML data via OGC methods: OwsFramework, OwsNotes.
  • Example OGC WMS client showing IPCC data served via CSML:
  • Bryan says they will tackle the PML+Model vis use case first, then the Model+BODC CTD profile use case. There will be a 'Shopping Cart' facility from Browse to pass through to Vis.
  • For that PML will need DataGranules? to be working in our MOLES.


  • Phil not here.

Metadata population

  • PML 'blocker' is linking MOLES to CSML granules.
  • Reduce number of PML DIF records, e.g. All MODIS data for each region? Or for a whole Europe region (ie one record per sensor)?
  • Multiple bounding boxes in MOLES, and possibly in DIF - available but not used yet. We could use this to reduce DIF records, then the Browse would need to pre-populate the Granule browse with only those within the searched region of interest (Bryan says that is possible).
  • I had my usual argument with Bryan on intelligent ordering of discovery records so it can handle any granularity. He said he was intending to assess the size of requested and dataset regions, and prioritise smaller matching regions above global datasets.


  • NDG2 will not be supporting ISO discovery format. Due to staffing limitations, different flavours of ISO - Vanilla?
  • I mentioned NCOF interest - seems that MetOffice? people are not aware of NDG-related activities such as DEWS and Ag's DX extensions for MetOffice?. Ag needs to bang heads together. Andrew says that GMES MCS will define their metadata requirements for foreseeable future, more so than internal MetOffice? drivers.


  • User documentation is largely missing at this late stage.
  • Went through Bryan's list of tasks and priorities.
  • A discussion/fixing session.