See ticket:647.

  • Fabio explained his requirements document, basing the desired DX GUI on something along the lines of our NEODAAS Data Portal.
  • Discussions on workflow needed to get DX/Visualise to happen.
    • Need 'shopping cart' concept in NDG Browse, so that DX is passed a list of CSML granules to work with.
    • DX GUI should then take user requirements on spatial (3-D)/temporal/feature subsetting.
    • On pressing the 'Go' button DX will call CSML methods to do this data extraction, putting all the results into a CSML 'Container'.
    • CSML Container is then converted into a set of netCDF files and/or passed onto a visualisation package.
  • I said minimum requirement is for any two of Satellite Scene / Model field / CTD profile series to be DX'd and visualised.
  • NDG Browse is not working currently.
  • Couldn't get into the AG meeting, had to phone in - check for firewall problems?
  • Fabio now to write up into list of requirements, prioritised wishlist. Going to RAL next week to discuss with others.
  • Sue agreed to go for rapid prototype that did something.