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UK e-Science All-hands Meeting, Nottingham, 10-12 Sep. 2007

Future of e-Science - Prof. Ken Brodie, UK e-Science Envoy

GEO Grid: Systems federating Geospatial Data and Services, Mr Satoshi Sekiguchi, Japan

  • Using ASTER data on Terra - archive 2000-date, 1.4 million images, 140 TB. VNIR 3 bands, SWIR several, TIR several. Together with 15m DEM.
  • e.g. Landslide volume estimation, volcano prediction, etc.
  • Uses OGC interfaces, simple workflow engines and user services e.g. thumbnail pages.

Sharing and visualizing environmental data using Virtual Globes, Jon Blower, Reading e-Science Centre

  •  Presentation and  paper.
  • Virtual Globes - there are 30 of these (incl. GE, MS Virtual Earth, FreeEarth?, ArcGIS Explorer, NASAS WorldWind?), many free!
  • Movie of Hurricane Katrina, cooling SST as intensifies, also CASIX, etc.
  • BODC use GE as Discovery/Browse? tool.
  • BAS use GE for King Penguin tracks overlaid on NEODAAS chl-a imagery.
  • Can extend the VG if open source, e.g. ArcGIS Explorer, NASA WorldWind? using .NET API.
  • OceanDIVA: Ocean data assimilation for ESSC using GE.
  • Vertical structure of ocean, tried 4 layers above ground(!) using GE, need extension.