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NDG2 Final Meeting, 14 Nov. 2007

Cosener's House Abingdon


  • Bryan - provide PML example with Entity-to-Entity relationships.

Items on agenda

  • 1:00pm - 2:00pm Lunch & Technical conversations
    • CSML use of standard parameter names/vocab server.  Related Ticket
      • Climatologies, averages etc. represented by GML concept 'constrained phenomenon' from Obs&Meas.
    • Semantic search use of vocab server
      • Getting there, problem with external access to BODC SOAP calls, working with Bryan to get this working in Discovery by next week.
  • NDG2  The Plan 2:05pm Sue
    • See the attachments too!
  • NDG2  Objectives - have these been met? 2:10pm Sue/All?
    • Mostly done... only test CSML docs being visualised using WMS. Not much documentation on anything, certainly for end users/DP's.
  • Beyond NDG2
    • Moving discovery to Production service (NERC Data Discovery Service) 2:30pm Sue
    • Vocab Server Production Service 2:45pm Roy/Geoff?
    • New NERC Strategy (Ned Garnett).
      • Lots of money to spend ('accelerated investment'!) before Mar. 2008 on dissemination and KT. So e.g. Portals Project. Any other opportunities?
    • The NERC Portals Project 3:00pm Stephen/Bryan?
      • What we're doing
      • Role of GeoServer
        • Will run parallel visualisation using simple WMS and GE.
      • ISO, O&M, etc
    • Maintaining and enhancing NDG2 infrastructure 3:20pm All
      • Browse
      • Security
    • Maintaining and enhancing NDG2 software 3:45pm All
      • Pylons Stack
        • WMS, WCS, Visualisation
        • WFS
      • Security Stack
      • Data Input Filters
      • Information Schema
        • The future of MOLES
          • Short term schema evolution, long term concepts
        • The future of CSML
          • Short term code evolution, long term concepts
          • Good for INSPIRE follow-on projects.
        • The future of NumSim
    • Setting up "the club" 4:15pm Bryan
      • Must attend meetings (virtually?). Agreed to have monthly AG meetings, occasional physical mtgs.
      • RAL is continuing on core NDG/Portal activity until end March 2008.
    • Future Projects 4:20pm Bryan
      • Prospects? Not alot, possibly more once the NERC 'national capabilities' translates into funding streams, within the next year. There is a lot of great stuff could be done once we can do the basics that NDG2 promised.
  • Winding Down NDG2 4:30pm Sue
    • Transitioning outstanding actions into future activities. (How do we tidy up our outstanding action items?)
    • What to do with trac, mailing list, subversion
    • Finances
      • Are PML going to be able to spend all its staffing before end Jan. 2008? Don't forget recurrent either.
    • Lessons Learnt -  End of Project report
      • Bryan admits major annoyance was not engineering simple tools then re-engineering, rather than over-engineering which is what happened.
      • NDG2 better managed (ie Sue) then NDG1. Several blind alleys though, Data Extractor, Data Delivery, too much time on MOLES details, waiting for CSML code, not considering WxS from the start, etc.
    • Reporting. Papers. Royal Society Meeting
      • Believe that only Bryan has to do final mgmt report (<3 months after end of RAL funding, or last partner funding?).
      • Phil. Trans. special issue.
  • 5.30pm More technical discussions in the bar
  • 6:30pm Dinner -  Parasol Chinese Restaurant, Abingdon


  • Reminder - 'restful' interface (or API) is where a web service call uses params as part of the URL, e.g. This is easier to use than a SOAP call where you call the program with an XML data block giving params.