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*used for RODIN web interface

Behind firewall - open ports: 80


MySQL - used for the RODIN database

Behind the firewall - no open ports

Server (used for godiva eScience project, soon to be replaced)

  • tomcat 5.5.3
  • dlese 2.0.9
  • exist 1.0-beta2
  • NDG security (v?)
  • RODIN (php scripts - copy) - put on same system as security to ensure it worked

Behind firewall - open ports


with tomcat 5.5.3 two libraries necessary to tun the metadata harvester seem to be missing by default. In path/to/tomcat/common/endorsed: xercesImpl.jar, xmlParserAPIs.jar (this is relevant for discovery portal when updating tomcat)

Note - all our systems are also behind the University firewall, which occassionally throws up some strange oddities!