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Last updated: 01/Aug/2006

Contact: Siva Kondapalli (vpk@…), Roy Lowry (rkl@…)

Machine details

  • Live webserver running NDG services,NDG Vocabulary and BODC web services.
  • RedHat? Enterprise Linux ES release 3.
  • Firewalled, external Ports open: 80(http), 8080 (Tomcat).

Services running:

  • Tomcat v5.0.28
  • DLESE OAI Software v 2.0.9
  • Apache v2.0
  • eXist-20060316.war
  • ApacheAxis? v1.3
  • Oracle 9.0
  • Java 1.4.2_10

NDG Vocabulary Web Service is available at (LIVJADE)

  • NDG Development Server
  • RedHat? Enterprise Linux WS release 3.
  • Firewalled,no ports available to access except from GLUE.

Services running:

  • Same as what [] running, and also have NDG Security installed and configured.


At BODC, all the Metadata information for MOLES is extracted from NODB and NDG extension Oracle database tables.


DLESE OAI is running under Tomcat 5.0.28v on both Live and development servers. OAI Provider path is


At BODC, we are using '.WAR' version of eXist running under Tomcat5.0.28 exist is accessible from


NDG Security Alpha release version installed and configured on development server(LIVGLUE). MyProxy? installed on LIVGLUE.Client running on the same machine. Test Certificates created successfully at BODC. Not installed on the Live Server.


Not implemented yet.


Not implemented yet.

Problems & notes

Upgrading Tomcat to 5.5v.