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Review actions of last meeting

  • Sept meeting skipped (handled at all-hands), everything from Aug. meet done.

Status updates

  • DP current status (might overlap with metadata agenda)
    • Security (services & local login)
    • MOLES (+ local browse) & DIF availability
    • Delivery services (on hold?)
    • CSML records availability
      • CSML read methods
    • Vocab. server usage
    • OAI & eXist
    • WorkingGrid/DataProviderSetup page up to date?
  • Update on packaging (Stephen?)

Brief ticket review

Issues/possible problems

  • Availability of MOLES 1.3
  • Availability of CSML 2 (schema supposed to be fixed by end of Dec)
  • PML excessive number of discoverable MOLES (probably covered in metadata meet)
    • pim wanting to move towards hierarchical discovery
  • Any planned DP internal upgrades that might adversely affect NDG
    • BODC move off POL servers


  • Set date for next meeting