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added item (ticket:242)

Status updates

Status of MOLES and CSML population

  • general update (automated/manual)
  • ticket:52 CSML & Moles for sea level dataset
  • ticket:53 Sample metadata for level 3 composite data
  • ticket:233 [WG] CSML examples
  • ticket:239 [WG] [DS] CSML Population

Suggest any changes to MOLES or CSML specs/implementation?

  • ticket:227 [WG] [C] GCMD namespace testing and guidelines
  • ticket:281 [M] ndg_to_dif xsl needs updating following changes to DEStub-B
  • add WG ticket on adding security to MOLES/CSML records?

Status of discovery portal

  • harvesting (& deletion?)
  • meet objective Grid-V03.2? ("sites providing A and B data, listed and working on portal")

Status of security integration

  • general update on sites
    • ticket:212 [S] Security Prototype Installation at PML
  • Grid-V03.5 objective ("Demonstrate a successful role mapping (get an attribute certificate)")
    • BODC ready to go, but blocked by ticket:41 [S] Cross Domain Cookies

Discussion points

  • Post-alpha forward planning (need more detail in the 'TID')
    • other component objectives need tying in to WG TID/plan (e.g. data services not present at all currently)
    • Add 'using the vocab/ontology services' as DP tasks to get the ball rolling
    • what do people expect to be doing post alpha?
  • Collect schedule of planned DP upgrades (ticket:242)
  • Defining scope of data ingestion (ticket:127 [DS] CSML i/o 'layer')
  • Defining what's in alpha (ticket:201 [WG] Tag what has been used for alpha in subversion)
  • Discuss the role of the WG team in integration of products.
    • Should WG team steer this (but not actually do with the integration)?

Date for next meeting!

Issues/possible problems

  • ticket:242 [WG] DP internal upgrades adversely affect NDG


  • mggr to ticket-ise WG TID objectives