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Working Grid Agenda (29 June 2006)

Actions from last meeting

Meeting notes (for reference)

  • (done?) DPs to update metadata population tickets with progress.
  • (done) (Fabio, Siva) Raise task tickets for DP upgrades for planning/communication purposes.
  • Sue to test GCMD namespace (ticket:227)
  • (done, Kev updated ticket) Sue checking with Kev about ticket:281 (Stub-B XSL update)
  • Sue to ask Kev about granules in MOLES 1.2.5 (including raising tickets if needed)
  • Sue to add NOCS OAI harvesting
  • (done, ticket:319) Dom adding a ticket regarding CSML updates and examples including security
  • (done, ticket:53) Mike to ensure PML have matching MOLES records for their sample CSML
  • (done, ticket updated) Mike to check with Phil on ticket:41
  • (done) Mike to confirm date for next meeting
  • (done Mike to add check for DP upgrades to regular WG agenda
  • (done) Mike to ticketise the TID where it makes sense to do so
  • Mike to raise discussion ticket for project board re: WG team and integration
  • Mike to raise ticket on Dom re: PML data formats and CSML I/O
  • (done, see below) Mike to look over other TIDs, etc and try and tie them into the WG plan, show to the WG team, then hand to the project board for review.
  • (done at Go-ESSP?) Sue, Dom, Bryan, Siva to get together to work out a demo of discovery->MOLES->CSML

Status updates

  • Tagging alpha "release" (in progress, ticket:201)
  • MOLES + CSML status (brief - any changes since metadata meeting?)
  • Security (PML ticket:212)
  • Did we hit the alpha target? Last meeting defined it as:
    1. some sites (probably BODC) providing linked MOLES and CSML
    2. discovery portal harvesting DIFs and allowing browse through to MOLES
    3. MOLES browse allowing "data access" (ie. returning CSML fragments, not live data)
    4. Above done with security if possible

Brief ticket review

Discussion points

  • Post-Alpha forward planning (review last half of wiki:T10_WorkingGrid)
  • wiki:T11_ClientPackage - this looks like a final item (beta+) and no tickets raised (directly) on it - if it's the "release" build and thus affects WG/DP, it might need more planning/integration?

Issues/possible problems

  • Any issues or comments we should raise for the project board/all hands?
  • Any planned DP internal upgrades that might adversely affect NDG?


  • Set date for next meeting
    • Tack on to the end of the metadata team meeting (2nd August)?
    • Or a separate meeting (suggest trying to stagger meetings, so maybe w/c 14th August)?