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Review actions of last meeting

  • Mike to send info on 2.4 kernel + OAI instability issues (done,
  • Phil to arrange technical security meeting re: login (done)
  • Sue to raise ticket on investigating OAI deletion (done, #391)
  • Bryan to send email asking people to write how-to's on what they know, and other details on the format of and information needed for the All-Hands meeting.(done)
  • Mike to raise ticket for DP internal upgrade (re: RSDAS/Dundee merge affecting authentication) (done, #390)
  • Phil+Mike will probably upgrade PML security install to alpha codebase (done, by Phil)
  • Mike to create a template wiki page that describes a DP's setup. (done, DP setup pages)
  • Mike still needs to write authentication plugin (#212)

Status updates

  • Security: login code (cross domain cookie workaround)

Brief ticket review

Discussion points

  • Adoption of vocab. stuff (#416) (possible overlap with metadata meeting here)
  • DP installs: planning
    • All-Hands meeting agreed that DPs should be running alpha versions of security, dx, browse, database, etc, by external prod milestone (end of Oct). #201 has a list of tagged items.

Issues/possible problems

  • Any planned DP internal upgrades that might adversely affect NDG


  • Set date for next meeting