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NDG Project Management

Welcome to the home of the project managment for the NERC DataGrid (NDG). If you don't know what NDG is, then you should go visit our project website. You can find data on the discovery portal.

NDG project management utilises both this site and the  ndg bscw. Links on the bottom right of all pages jump to the NDG web sites (main and bscw) and NDG discovery portals (live and development).

We have guidelines for using ThisWebSite

The project is broken into thirteen deliverable areas plus some other bits and pieces. Each deliverable area is a Trac component, and has (or will have) a wiki page on this site. The NDG team has been divided into sub teams which each handle one or more of the deliverable areas, and each team has a wiki page for meeting reports etc.

In addition we have a DocumentationTeam activity.

See OurSubversionGuidance and SubversionCheatsheet for our subversion conventions and quickstart guides on using subversion.

See the OldTracWelcomePage for information on getting started with Trac!