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    1 = NDG Project Management = 
     1= NDG = 
    3 Welcome to the home of the project managment for the NERC !DataGrid (NDG). If you don't know what NDG is, then you  
    4 should go visit our project [ website]. You can find data on the [ discovery portal]. 
     3The NERC !DataGrid (NDG) is an interoperability project which began in 2003 with a three year e-Science funded project: ''The NERC !DataGrid'', was continued in 2005 with a two year successor project (''NDG2''), and continued into 2008 under the auspices of the ''NERC Portals Project''. The activity is currently (October 2008) funded under the auspices of NERC interim funding pending the establishment of a long term NERC national capability in interoperability. 
    6 NDG project management utilises both this site and the [ ndg bscw]. Links on the bottom right of all pages jump  to the NDG web sites (main and bscw) and NDG discovery portals (live and development).  There is also a MailingList (team codes on this page). 
     5This trac site was established as part of NDG2, and consists of currently active pages and activities, as well as obsolete pages. We are in the process of updating it, to clearly mark what is history, and what is current. The main function of these pages is to assist in project management and delivery, not to provide information to prospective users of NDG technologies. We will provide links from here (eventually) for those purposes. 
    8 We have guidelines for using ThisWebSite 
     7==== History ==== 
    10 The project is broken into thirteen deliverable areas plus some other bits and pieces. Each deliverable area is a Trac component, and has (or will have) a wiki page on this site. The NDG team has been divided into sub teams which 
    11 each handle one or more of the deliverable areas, and each team has a wiki page for meeting reports etc. 
     9The old frontpage for the NDG2 project is [OldStartPage here]. 
    13 '''[wiki:NDGMonthly NDG Monthly club meetings]''' 
     11NDG2 delivered a number of products, the key ones were: 
     12 * CSML: The Climate Sciences Modelling Language. The historical project management pages are [wiki:T02_CSML here], however CSML has been spun off as an open source project with a life of it's own. See the [ new CSML website]. 
     13 * MOLES: The Metadata Objects for Linking Environmental Sciences. The historical project management pages are [wiki:T07_MOLES here]. New MOLES activities are now discussed on the [wiki:MOLES] page. 
     14 * The operational NERC Data Discovery service, running [ here]. 
     15 * The operational NERC Vocabulary service, running [ here], described on a [ BODC web page] 
     16 * The deployed NERC !DataGrid (software running at BODC, BADC, PML and NOCS). 
     17 * The [wiki:T12_Security NDG Security]. 
    15 '''[wiki:NDGClosedown NDG Closedown Agenda]''' 
     19==== Current NDG Activities ==== 
    17 '''[wiki:Keywords Keywords for closing tickets which are going to another project]''' 
    19 '''[wiki:NDGWeekly NDG Weekly Agenda]''' 
    21  * [wiki:MetadataServices Metadata Services Team]: 
    22    * [wiki:InstallDiscoveryBrowse] 
    23    * [wiki:T01_Discovery] 
    24    * [wiki:T06_Vocabulary] 
    25    * [wiki:T07_MOLES] 
    26  * [wiki:DataServices Data Services Team]: 
    27    * [wiki:T02_CSML] 
    28    * [wiki:T03_DataExtractor] 
    29    * [wiki:T04_Geosplat] 
    30    * [wiki:T05_Delivery] 
    31    * [wiki:T11_ClientPackage] 
    32    * [wiki:NAPPY] 
    33  * CollaborationTeam: 
    34    * [wiki:T08_InternationalCollaboration] 
    35    * [wiki:T09_UKCollaboration] 
    36  * [wiki:WorkingGrid Working Grid Team]: 
    37    * [wiki:T10_WorkingGrid] 
    38    * [wiki:T13_DataProvider] 
    39  * [wiki:T12_Security NDG Security] 
    41 In addition we have a DocumentationTeam activity. The documentation is reliant on ExternalProductDefinition. 
    43 Continuation of NDG work as part of the NERC Portals project (aka DPPP) is documented at [wiki:NERCPortals]. 
    45 See OurSubversionGuidance and  SubversionCheatsheet for our subversion conventions and quickstart guides on using subversion. There is also a [ Subversion book] available to read online. 
    47 See the OldTracWelcomePage for information on getting started with Trac! 
     21To be added.