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Project management in NDG

The key thing to do is to raise tickets ... tickets can be ideas as well as bug reports and so on ...

Ticket Types

NDG currently has the following tickets which describe the following issues:

  • defect - something is broken and needs fixing for the next release.
  • dependency - used to link milestones and/or tickets together (see below).
  • issue - something that needs resolution before this milestone.
  • task - something that could be done or needs to be done.
  • dataset - required to be NDG available (generally for a particular milestone or publicity event).
  • metadata - update or addition required (generally for a particular milestone or publicity event).

Ticket Priorities

Each ticket should be marked as one of the following:

  • blocker - implies that the milestone against which this ticket is raised cannot be completed until this ticket is resolved.
  • critical - this is something that is critical for the success of this milestone, but which if push comes to shove could be moved.
  • required - this is something we should do for this milestone, but which we could miss.
  • desirable - this is something we'd like to do for this milestone.
  • trivial - logged for information, something that we'll do if we have time and it's easy.
  • discussion - this is something that we should talk about, maybe for this milestone, maybe not.

Why have we got so many categories? To allow us to prioritise tickets against milestones! While we might all have slightly different internal ideas of what these mean, by the time the team has agreed on these priorities, we should respect them in our workplan!

(These possible values are set by TracAdmin, and probably shouldn't be modified. If they are, and if you do remove one, then all the tickets disappear from the active list, but can be added back by editing them by ticket number to use the new values.)

Use Keywords

Please mark tickets with meaningful keywords describing subcomponents, e.g. NumSim. Ideally these keyword subcomponents should be listed on the component description pages, and be wiki pages in their own right. You can then list all tickets against that subcomponent with a command like


to get a list of tickets. You can look at the NumSim page for some usage examples. These subcomponents may also match directories in the repository and the subcomponent plus milestone may result in a tagged directory.

If you have tasks etc for upcoming meetings which are not important enough for formal NDG milestones (e.g. team meetings), you can mark them with keywords, recommended syntax is of the form yymonthdd (e.g.05March24), and then team wiki pages can list actions etc.


  1. How do I do dependencies? Most soft dependencies can be indicated by simply using TracLinks, but to indicate milestone dependencies we've decided to use a blocker dependency ticket to flag these up: e.g. If milestoneA depends on milestoneB, raise a dependency blocker ticket on milestoneA and make a link back to milestoneB in the text. At some time in the future we'll add some support for critical path analysis if that's really needed (or wait til a future version of trac).
  2. What is it with ticket reports? Note that TracReports has been disabled in favour of TracQuery which is far more flexible.