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Critical Path for BETA+Security


  1. Do we deploy at all NDG partners / only BADC / BADC + one other? We would need at least the latter to demonstrate role mapping and cross site single sign on.
  2. Do we need a completed !SimpleCA Web Service? This service would be superceded if we make the planned change later this year to use MyProxy as a CA. In the meantime we can run a batch script to generate all the certificates we need at BADC. Generation of all user certs at other sites could be more problematic. However, BODC for example only had a handful of users set-up for NDG Alpha tests.


  1. Complete Development
    1. Attribute Authority (done)
    2. Session Manager (done)
    3. Login Service [5 days, total 5]
    4. NDG Session Client. This enables other partners to call NDG security from their non-Python based client code by calling it as an executable script. It needs upgrading from the Alpha version. [2 days, total 7]
    5. Convert to Python 2.5 (will require minor changes e.g. to fix ElementTree import statements. No other known issues. [1 day, total 8]
    6. Simple CA Service (not essential to BETA+Security - see Issues above) [3 days, total]
    7. Logging Service (not essential to BETA+Security - Logging is not integrated into the rest of NDG Security but it's desirable. There is a bug in the syslogger which needs flagging with the Python mailing list) [3 days, total]
  2. Deploy at BADC
    1. Client egg install (Bryan so that he can link up Browse services) [1 day, total]
    2. Server egg install on glue [1 day, total]
    3. Postgres Attribute Authority plugin [1 day, total]
  3. Deploy at BODC
    1. Client egg install [1 day, total]
    2. Server egg install [1 day, total]
    3. Postgres Attribute Authority plugin [1 day, total]
  1. Integration testing, bug fixes [4 days, total]