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    33== Issues == 
    44 1. Do we deploy at all NDG partners / only BADC / BADC + one other?  We would need at least the latter to demonstrate role mapping and cross site single sign on. 
     5   * (BNL) All partners need to have it working! 
    56 1. Do we need a completed SimpleCA Web Service?  It's not a straightforward upgrade from the Alpha version because the client for Alpha required a Globus client.  As with !MyProxy we want this eliminated for beta.  Nb. the SimpleCA Web Service would be superceded in any case if we make the planned change later this year to use !MyProxy as a CA.  In the meantime we can run a batch script to generate all the certificates we need at BADC without the need to use an upgraded SimpleCA service.  Generation of all user certs at other sites could be more problematic.  However, BODC for example only had a handful of users set-up for NDG Alpha tests. 
     7   * (BNL) I think all the sites (except us) will only have test users. 
     8   * (BNL) In general I don't know the answer to the question, because I've lost track of when we need this particular service ... can you elaborate? 
    79== Tasks == 
    810 1. Complete Development 
    1315   1. Session Manager - minor changes [1 day, total 1] 
    1416   1. Login Service [3 days, total 4] 
     17      * What does this have to do? Take a url with a redirect in it, offer some hosts, and throw it off to those hosts? Or are you including the development of the host login service (takes a username password, looks up the my proxy, creates a wallet etc. I don't understand why this is a three day task. 
    1518   1. NDG Session Client.  This enables other partners to call NDG security from their non-Python based client code by calling it as an executable script.  It needs upgrading from the Alpha version.  [1 day, total 5] 
    1619   1. Convert to Python 2.5 (will require minor changes e.g. to fix ElementTree import statements.  No other known issues. [1 day, total 6]