NDG Security

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 Practical Access Control with NDG-Security, UK e-Science AHM 2007


  1. Lawrence, B.N., P. Kershaw and J. Blower, 2007:  Practical Access Control with NDG-Security. Submitted and accepted, UK e-Science AHM 2007.
  2. Bennett, Neil, Ray Cramer, Glen Drinkwater, Marta Gutierrez, Phil Kershaw, Kerstin Kleese van Dam, Siva Kondapalli, Susan Latham, Bryan Lawrence, Roy Lowry, Ananta Manandhar, Kevin O'Neill, Ag Stephens, Shoaib Sufi, Andrew Woolf, 2005:  Nerc Datagrid Authorisation Architecture. Proceedings of the UK e-Science AHM 2005, Simon J Cox and David W Walker (ed), ISBN 1-904425-53-4.