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NDG Security

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OMII-UK Comissioned Software Project

At the NERC Data Grid project's inception no security system existed to satisfy the requirements the NDG team had identified. However, it has been developed in such a way that it should be able to evolve towards the use of community standards as they become more prevalent and best practice becomes clearer. This and the aim to harden the software for wider use provide the focus for the OMII-UK follow-on project:

  • collaborate with OMII-UK to evolve the system towards community standards
  • package NDG Security: fully documenting the system and harden the software to make it deployable across the wider environmental science community
  • integrate with other security technologies
  • Package NDG Security providing full documentation
  • enhance its functionality
  • Write client interfaces for Java and PHP
  • Integrate NDG Security with other Security Technologies including  Shibboleth,  OpenID and related OMII-UK projects
  • Contribute code back to the Python user Community


  1. 3 Monthly Meeting 07/12/07
  2. 3 Monthly Meeting 14/03/08
  3. 3 Monthly Meeting 27/06/08

Status Reports

  1. 20080214
  2. 20080417
  3. 20080515
  4. 20080625

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