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Software and documentation to deploy NDG services at a data provider. If possible (depending on other projects) this package may include OGC web service software and other data services packaged in with the NDG software.


Product purpose To allow project partners (and others) to deploy NDG services to allow users to find and securely access detailed metadata and data held within a data provider.

Project components

  1. Database backend and associated web services and documentation.
  2. OAI repository software and associated documentation.
  3. NDG interfaces package and associated documentation.
  4. NDG security services package and documentation on how to link to existing user databases or to create one.


(Relevant working documents, including specs etc)

Some Component Documentation already exists in BSCW NDG1 work packages folders. Most will need updating or are currently incomplete.

  1. NDG_Data_Provider_Guide (v0.4, Aug. 2005, Architecture Process)
  2. NDG_MOLES_Instructions_for_Creation (v0.20, Aug. 2005, Models/Metadata?)
  3. NDG Metadata Schema (v0.1, Mar. 2003, Models/Metadata?)
  4. Metadata_Creation_process_for_the_BADC (v0.1, Dec. 2004, Internal Documents/NDG Workpackages/BADC Metadata)
  5. BODC NDG B Metadata Population (v0.3, Feb. 2005, Models/Metadata?)
  6. OAI_Guidelines (v0.3, Oct. 2005, Internal Documents/NDG Workpackages/Discovery? Service)
  7. CSML_Users_Manual (v0.1, Jan 2005, Models/Data? model/CMSL)

Key Integration Milestones

  1. Update/Create? Documentation of Components (NDG Alpha Jul 2006)
  2. Documentation of Install procedures (NDG Alpha Jul 2006)
  3. Documentation of DataProvider Guidelines (NDG Alpha Jul 2006)
  4. Possible additions to Components (NDG Beta Jan 2007)
  5. All components received and loaded into one /usr/local directory (NDG Beta Jan 2007)
  6. Install/build script(s) written (NDG Beta Jan 2007)
  7. Integration testing (ensure smooth installation/operation) (NDG Beta Jan 2007)
  8. Update Documentation of Components (NDG Implementation Jun 2007)
  9. Update Documentation of Install procedures (NDG Implementation Jun 2007)
  10. Update Documentation of DataProvider Guidelines (NDG Implementation Jun 2007)

Integration Dependencies

  1. DataBase? package (Discovery)
  2. Vocabulary Services for Metadata Creation (Vocabulary)
  3. OAI repository (Discovery)
  4. Session Manager (Security)
  5. AttributeAuthority? (Security)
  6. FTP Server (Delivery)
  7. Data Extractor/Geosplat? ()
  8. MOLES Schema with documentation (MOLES)
  9. XSLT MOLES to Discovery (MOLES)
  10. CSML Schema with documentation (CSML)

Requirements of Data Provider Package

Software components provided by other NDG Workpackages • Data extrator • Delivery system • Database backend and web services • NDG interfaces • Security system Software components unique to Data Provider Package: • Database: eXist • OAI provider • Just checking: assuming DP Package doesn’t develop any software? • More?