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NDG Security

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This page reflects issues and discussions associated with both the NDG and the  DEWS projects.

This activity provides a software infrastructure to provide controlled access to resources, and logging of such access (in the case of NDG, DEWS uses another infrastructure for logging).

Although it applies in both DEWS and NDG, hereafter we will call the security infrastructure discussed here NDG-security, to distinguish it from other security paradigms and infrastructures.

Status, Issues and Discussion

NDG Security

Latest Installation Guide:

Installation Guide

Consideration of use cases, sequence diagrams and deployment in general terms for NDG. DEWS Security implements a specialisation of these:


DEWS Security

The Geoserver gatekeeper and its relation to the NDG-security infrastructure, the configuration of all security components, use cases etc.:


Convert WS Interfaces to Use WS-Security

The current system uses message level security but is not WS-Security compliant. Activity is now focussed on changing the interfaces - T12_Security/WS-Security

Eggifying NDG Security

As of the Alpha version NDG Security installation is a combination of the installation of 3rd party packages, configuration of parameter files and a distutils setup. This pages looks at the steps to convert the simple NDG security distutils setup script into a modular configuration of separate python eggs TI12_Security/EggifyingNDGsecurity

Older Material: Security TID


See also WGSecurity.

See also SecDiagrams